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Integrate Feedback and Iterate

Let the feedback of the people you’re designing for guide the next iteration of your solution.


Suggested Time

90-120 Minutes

Level of Difficulty


Materials Needed

Information from Get Feedback, prototyping materials, Post-its 


Design team

Process Phase

Integrating the feedback you hear from the people you’re designing for is one of the essential elements of human-centered design. You learned from people in the Inspiration Phase, and in the Ideation Phase one of the best ways to keep learning from them is to show them what you’ve made and find out what they think. Integrating their feedback into your work and then coming up with another prototype is the best way to refine your idea until it’s something that’s bound to be adopted and embraced.


  1. Sit with your design team and share the feedback that you collected. Use the Share Inspiring Stories or Download Your Learnings methods to share what you learned.
  2. You’ll now probably want to synthesize some of the feedback you got. You can Create Frameworks based on what you heard and how it applies to your idea. You might also now try a Brainstorm around how your idea could change based on your feedback.
  3. Use your Prototype Report Card worksheet to document findings, as well as your decisions about what iterations are needed.
  4. Once you’ve determined how your prototype should change it’s time to get tangible. Go back to the Build and Run Prototypes activity to do the building and testing cycle over again.
  5. Remember that this is a method for refining your idea, not for getting to the ultimate solution the first time. You’ll probably do it a few times to work out the kinks and get to the right answer.