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Keep Iterating

Testing, getting feedback, and iterating will help you get a great solution to market and let you know where to push it when you do.


Suggested Time

Throughout the process

Level of Difficulty


Materials Needed

Feedback from the people you're designing for, prototyping materials


Design team, key partners and stakeholders

Process Phase

Iteration is the name of the game in human-centered design, and though your solution is now nearly ready to get out into the world, you need to Keep Iterating. What are the ways in which your solution could be just a little bit better? Can you tweak your communication strategy, maybe you’ll need to evolve your revenue plans, or perhaps your distribution plan needs a tweak. As soon as you get your solution out into the world start to notice what could be better and assess how you can make it so. By continuing to iterate, soliciting feedback, and building those learnings back into your solution you’ll get further and further toward having a huge impact.


  1. Don’t lose sight of the iterative approach that you’ve taken so far. As counterintuitive as it might seem, you’re solution is never truly finished. Even when you’ve gone to market you can always improve it.
  2.  Even if your product, service, or experience is in a good place, think about how you’re marketing it, if you have the right talent on staff, if you could deliver your solution more effectively. These are all opportunities to iterate.
  3.  Rapid Prototypes and Live Prototyping are great opportunities to iterate on the fly and quickly test your ideas in the marketplace.