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Recruiting Tools

Human-centered design isn’t just talking to a lot of people, it’s about talking to the right people. These tools will make sure that your interviews really count.


Suggested Time

30-60 Minutes

Level of Difficulty


Materials Needed

Pen, paper


Design team

Process Phase

Before you start talking to the people you’re designing for, it’s important to have a strategy around who you talk to, what you ask them, and what pieces of information you need to gather. By planning ahead, and tracking who you talk to once you’ve done it, you can be sure to have the right balance of experts and laymen, women and men, people of different ethnicities and classes, as well as a full range of behaviors, beliefs, and perspectives.


  1. Refer to Extremes and Mainstreams to make sure that you’re talking to a broad spectrum of people.
  2. As you determine who you want to talk to, think about a variety of factors: age, gender, ethnicity, class, social position.
  3. Be sensitive to gender when making your interview plan. Some communities may not be comfortable with men interviewing women. Or if you’re working on a touchy topic, like open defecation, make sure that you understand social dynamics before you begin your Interviews.
  4. Group Interviews can be a highly useful tool and also help you identify who you might like to speak more with in an individual Interview.