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Staff Your Project

Now that you’ve got an idea to put in motion, build the team that can take you from concept to completion.


Suggested Time

60 Minutes

Level of Difficulty


Materials Needed

Pens, paper


Design team, key partners

Process Phase

The methodology here is pretty similar to when you built a team in the Inspiration Phase, only this time you’ll want to be far more targeted. Whereas a multi-disciplinary team was great for arriving at unexpected ideas and novel solutions, in the Implementation phase you’ll be looking for specialized know-how, technical capacity, outside partners, and funding. Now might be a good time for some team members to roll off your project and for others to roll on.


  1. Now that you’re planning for launch, determine who are the most essential members of your team for the Implementation Phase. Take a look at the capabilities you identified in your Capabilities Quicksheet and make a list of the most important skills that are required by team members for successful implementation. Then reorder the list based on highest priority.
  2. Take a look at your existing team. Do you have the staff required to deliver new or enhanced services? Do you need a special skill at this point, perhaps a business designer, someone with manufacturing expertise, a healthcare expert? Have you got the measurement expertise you need to deliver on your M&E plan?
  3. Do you need a project manager now that the Inspiration and Ideation Phases are over?
  4. Are there organizations that you now need to partner with? What about funders? Will you have to get buy-in from managers or officials to implement your idea? Make sure you’ve allotted enough time for this in your Roadmap for Success.
  5. Implementation can take a long time, so think down the road about who you’ll need now and who you’ll need when you get to market.