Design Kit is hardly the only place to learn about the power of human-centered design. These books, guides, and free downloads are all great destinations to help you routinely innovate and solve big problems.


Design Thinking for Educators

A creative process that helps you design meaningful solutions in the classroom.


About this Resource

This toolkit contains the process and methods of design along with the Designer’s Workbook, adapted specifically for the context of K-12 education. It offers new ways to be intentional and collaborative when designing, and empowers educators to create impactful solutions.

At IDEO, we’ve been using similar processes, methods, and tools for years in tackling some dauntingly complex challenges. More often than not, we’ve experienced how Design Thinking helps to get to the next step. That’s why we are excited to see how it can impact the world of education. Teachers at Riverdale Country School are starting to use design process to address challenges in their classrooms and schools, and together we’ve created this toolkit in order to share these processes more broadly.

This is an invitation to experiment with the design process. Let it inspire you to approach challenges differently, and experience how Design Thinking adds a new perspective to your work.

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