Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

Gaby Brink

Founder, Tomorrow Partners

“What an iterative approach affords us is that we gain validation along the way...because we’re hearing from the people we’re actually designing for.”

Human-centered design is an inherently iterative approach to solving problems because it makes feedback from the people we’re designing for a critical part of how a solution evolves. By continually iterating, refining, and improving our work we put ourselves in a place where we’ll have more ideas, try a variety of approaches, unlock our creativity, and arrive more quickly at successful solutions.

We iterate because we know that we won’t get it right the first time. Or even the second. Iteration allows us the opportunity to explore, to get it wrong, to follow our hunches, but ultimately arrive at a solution that will be adopted and embraced. We iterate because it allows us to keep learning. Instead of hiding out in our workshops, betting that an idea, product, or service will be a hit, we quickly get out in the world and let the people we’re designing for be our guides.

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Gaby Brink

Gaby Brink is the founder and chief designer of Tomorrow Partners and the CEO of Sparkwise. She leads an interdisciplinary team that collaborates with visionary entrepreneurs and organizations to innovate and build design-driven tools and services for positive change.