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Keep Getting Feedback

Even though your idea is now as close to market as it’s ever been, you still need the input of the people you’re designing for.


Suggested Time

90 Minutes

Level of Difficulty


Materials Needed

Pens, paper, notebook


Design team, people you're designing for

Process Phase

Gathering Feedback from the people you’re designing for is a never-ending process and it’s critical as you push your idea forward. As you run Live Prototypes, Pilot your idea, and determine how to Define Success and Measure and Evaluate your work, you’ll want to have team members dedicated to getting feedback from key partners and the people you’re looking to serve.


  1. As you move into Live Prototyping and Piloting, make sure that you’re collecting feedback. Interviews and Group Interviews are a great way to learn from the people you’re designing for.
  2. Reach out to key partners as well for their input. They’ll often have expertise that the design team may not and can help point the way forward. Convening the right group of stakeholders at once can bring up a lot of feedback in a single session.
  3. Capture feedback in your notebook and share back with the design team. You can do this by Sharing Inspiring Stories and Downloading Your Learnings.